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Description of 탑 아이돌퀴즈!

The most idol group in the domestic quiz app!
Most of the domestic quiz apps have problems!
Men's Idol Total Issues: More than 3900
Total number of issues: 3300 girls
There are a total of 7,200 problems.

Problems are divided into two types: open-ended and multiple-choice!
Try to solve your problem in the way you want and become your favorite idol ranking!
Compete and compete with your friends and your favorite idols in 7 steps!

You can get points by solving the question of open-ended and multiple choice, and you can use this point to request the questionnaire and the idol you want!

Play a game to your favorite idol while playing a game.
If you are an exorel, melody, ami, warabble, muu, ons, buddy, panda, levelup, blink, you must have the essential app !! Please solve the problem and try the fandom authentication !!

Top Idol Quiz List
Male Idol: 20 teams
Male idol

Female Idol: 17 teams
Girl idol
MAMAMOO, TWICE, GFRIEND, AOA, Lovelyz, Apink, RedVelvet, GirlsDay, IOAI, (IOI), EXID, OH MY GIRL, Girls' Generation, SISTAR, Gugudan, WJSN, BLACKPINK, April (APRIL)

※ The top idol quiz is notified of the idol quiz. Please tell me the secret of the idol you know only !!
It is a quiz game that you make!

[Access Rights Guide]

* Select Access Rights
- Photo / Media / File: Used to save / retrieve files created in the statistics module to the terminal
- Usage record access: Used to display the app usage history in the statistics module.
- Device and app history: used to view apps and internet usage history in the statistics module
- Address book issue: Need to use point charging in App

[User Guide for Android operating system under 6.0]
If you are using a device with Android OS 6.0 or lower, you can not select individual access rights. In order to be able to select individual access rights as much as possible, upgrade the operating system to 6.0 or higher through the handset manufacturer, and the upgraded access will not change the agreed access from the existing app.
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Version history jw.kang.boyidolquiz
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 7.4
-1. 이미지 신고하기 기능 추가
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 7.2
-1. 오류수정
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 7.1
2018.03.14v7.1-1. 신고하기 기능 추가.-2. 출석체크 기능 추가.-3. 설문조사 1,2,3등 아이돌 보상 추가.
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.8
2018.01.08v6.8-1. 아이돌 요청에서 사진 변경 추가
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.7
2017.12.08v6.7-1. 닉네임 중복 방지 기능 추가
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.6
2017.09.02v6.6-1. 버그 수정
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.5
2017.09.01v6.5-1. 지난 설문조사 페이지 추가.
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.4
2017.08.14v6.4-1. 아이돌 요청에서 투표 안되는 부분 수정.-2. 아이돌 요청 댓글 추가.
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.3
2017.08.11v6.3-1. 설문조사 등록 및 아이돌 요청 포인트 수정-2. 게임시 얻는 포인트 수정
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.2
2017.08.07v6.2-1. 설문조사 댓글 기능 추가
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 6.1
2017.08.01v6.1-1. 설문조사 기능 추가-2. 아이돌 요청 기능 추가-3. 설문조사와, 아이돌요청 페이지에서 새로고침 기능 추가
New in jw.kang.boyidolquiz 5.4
v5.4-오류수정v5.2-하루에하넌 정답권 추가.v5.0-오류 수정.v4.9-하루에한번 문제풀기 추가.v4.8- 객과식 보기 20개로 수정.- 주관식 정답 틀릴때마다 한글자씩 힌트로 보여줌.v4.7-아이돌 문제 다운로드 시점 변경.-자잘한 버그 수정.v4.6-동영상 보기 기능 수정.v.4.0-디자인 개선-주관식 문제 틀렸을시 힌트로 정답 첫번째 글자 알려줌.
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